1960           Born Heerlen, The Netherlands
1972-80     Attends Jeanne D'Arc Lyceum, Maastricht.
1980           Enrolled at the Unversity in Utrecht as a law student.
1982           Switched over to follow photography classes.
1989           First trip to Africa.
1990-91     Several trips to Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

1991           Mart Engelen starts his career as a free lance photographer. He works on advertising commissions
                    for clients such as Philips, Canon, Citigroup as well as for international editorials like Esquire, George, Vanity Fair.

1992-93     Works and lives for a period in Los Angeles.
1995           First solo exhibition at Kleurgamma Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
1997-01     Moves to New York where he specialized himself in black and white portrait photography.
1999           Visits Africa again after 10 years to be confronted by a denatured Africa caused by overpopulation.
2000           PANL Award winner in the Category Portraits with 'Suzanne'.

2003           First book printing of 'Memories' by Mart Engelen together with a solo exhibition at Young Gallery Brussels,                     Belgium.

2004           First book printing 'Biarritz' by Mart Engelen.
                    This book shows how intrigued Mart Engelen is by Biarritz with its curious combination of a young, vivacious                     surf crowd, the mysterious and ancient Basque culture with its very own identity and language, and the                     distinguished glamour and grand style surrounding the European aristocrats and the rich and famous who have                     found their way to Biarritz since the early years of the twentieth century. And of course, the contrast between                     Biarritz, the mondaine fashionable resort with its rich history, and the rough beauty of the Atlantic coastline,                     Basque landscape and the Pyrenees.

2006           First book printing 'My Dog Aapje' by Mart Engelen.
                    A tribute in memory of Aapje, Mart Engelen's dog, who was his companion for over 15 years. Brigitte Bardot, who                     received a copy from Mart, calls it in her letter 'a superbe hommage'.

2009           First printing of the international bi-annual b/w photography magazine, #59 Magazine, launched at the TEFAF                      international Fine Art Fair, Maastricht (The Netherlands).

2011           #59 Magazine For the first time available in 16 countries worldwide

2013           In cooperation with June Newton , Mart Engelen, founder and director of #59 Magazine creates an unique                      portfolio of photographs of Helmut Newton and Alice Springs for # 59 Magazine Issue No 10

2013           #59 Magazine celebrates its 5th Anniversary with the 5 YEARS #59 Magazine Photography Exhibition in Brussels,                      Belgium and Rome, Italy with works by Peter Lindberg, Mart Engelen, Jean Dieuzaide, Andre Villers, Edward                      Quinn and the Montblanc Worldsecond Exhibition

2014           Mart Engelen creates in cooperation with Alex Numanovic the #59 Magazine webshop worldwide.